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TechAnalogy 2.0

"TechAnalogy 2.0" is our first step in the vast field of event management. This open mic was conducted in collaboration with TechAnalogy, a student-run startup in our college. The event lineup was packed with talented people who performed sensationally for our audience, from Standups to DJs to Poetry to Music and much more. The air was filled with music as Naman Mahajan elated the audience with his soulful voice and made everyone's evening much more enjoyable.

Unmute 2.0

"In the mind of every engineer, There exists a masterpiece of an artist!"

Shayad Nostalgia

After one full year of organising virtual events, The Six Pm Show finally got a chance to host an offline standup comedy show, “Shayad Nostalgia”. The event featured famous artists such as Kuldeep Singh and Devansh who delighted the audience with their witty yet amusing acts. The room was filled with hoots and laughter as our opening performer, Chintan Jain presented his best set till date, no doubt! Not only this, but we also had a surprise host, who was none other than, *drum roll*, Vikash Paul. Overall, the whole event was a major success and a bang on comeback from the virtual world!


"Stressed, Sad or Tired? Forget medicines and attend the TSPS show. 100% effective"

UNMUTE: A Virtual open Mic Episode 2

The second edition of Unmute was even bigger and better with an evening filled with talented people who performed a variety of spectacular performances ranging from DJ’s to Standups to Poetry to Music to Storytelling. The event also featured a couple of famous artists such as Sarah Black, Gaurav and Kailash who wowed the audience with their acts and pieces. It was a fun-filled event with an amazing line-up of guests and an enthusiastic audience.

Unmute 2.0

"The music, the comedy, the poetry....all together have mesmerized! Really pumped to attend in person!"

UNMUTE: A Virtual open Mic

The artist inside each one of us can be distracted, but never destroyed. We are back with what we do best! You guessed it right- a virtual open mic- Unmute! Join in and enjoy the pool of talent under various categories, namely- Poetry, Singing, Stand up, Music and Storytelling. With some super cool guest performances for our super cool audience, a night jam-packed with fun.


"UNMUTE wrapped my weekends with back to back power packed performances, kudos to the team!"

Virtual OpenMic

Hate how your days are filled up with online classes?? And those treacherous assignments that just keep piling up?? Breaking a sweat no longer seems fun?? Well, worry not. Cause, after a series of curated comic line-ups, roasts where laughter rolled in the best, we bring to you the much awaited virtual open mic. Going back to our roots, it's time for some raw talent.

Unmute 2.0

"The music, the comedy, the poetry....all together have mesmerized!"

Roast of Soda

With the change in the tides of time, come new ideas. Thus, the Six Pm Show is back with another new banger. Add mentos to your SODA because it's time to spill all kinds of secrets and roll into fits of laughter as we have some of the best comics of Chennai go against each other in the ultimate roast battle.


"A little more laughter, a little less stress, Come dive into joy and forget the rest."

Gen Z Humour

While we have all learned to appreciate the wind, the sunsets and the birds during this pandemic, it’s time we appreciate talent as well. The Six Pm Show moonwalks into the room again, with a line-up of fresh faces who will tickle your fancy and make you cry with laughter. So be prepared for an amazing journey.

Unmute 2.0

"Absolutely loved the variety – though the comedians did an amazing job! Please keep doing what you’re doing with diversity & inclusion."

Making No Sense

*Knock knock* we are about to burst those sluggish brains and bring more life to you with our new show “Making no sense”. So get ready to ditch your mundane routine for a fun filled evening.


"Stressed, Sad or Tired? Forget medicines and attend the TSPS show. 100% effective"

No Frown in Lockdown 3.0

The third installment in our ‘No Frown in Lockdown’ series brings to you another laughter filled package of crackling jokes and stunning guests. So just sit tight and grab some popcorn and leave the rest to us. Cause we’re here to make your Saturday stress-free.

Unmute 2.0

"A smile is a curve, that sets everything straight, Comedy is, was, and will always be great."

No Frown in Lockdown 2.0

Back with another edition of 'No Frown in Lockdown', to shake off the quarantine blues. The Comedy Crew of SODA, Aaquib, Chintan, Bharath and Kuldeep and many brilliant Chennai based artists rolled the audience into an evening away from the daily routine and into smirks and laughter. Audience, all that's need to be done is sit and chillax, grab some popcorn as now Netflix binge will get boring and Comedy and Chill will be the new trend.


"Funny show, thank you! It must be so hard to get up in front of an audience & tell your jokes & interact & respond to them too!"

No Frown in Lockdown

Stepping into the night for comedy, we bring to you a new event completely based on amazing comic line ups from various comic artists from all corners of the country, came live at the comforts of your home. An evening swirled with comedy, laughter and spice. Jam packed with guest acts by Kuldeep Rathore and SODA.

Unmute 2.0

"The comedians had me dying of laughter! Much needed stress relief! excited to attend again!"

Online Open mic

Our first fundraiser event, an Open Mic event with comedians from all over Chennai and guest act by Comic SODA as the audience again filled the seats with popcorn and adding mentos to SODA observing the eruption of the crisp comic puns and drama!


" Elegance was in style- And People earned lifestyle! TSPS became fam❤"

Instagram Live Open Mic

Even with the whole world going into lockdown, the creativity never went to halt and nor did we. As it’s said, ‘THE SHOW MUST GO ON!’ Our first Instagram live featured young artists from the campus, again spinning us all in the thread of an evening lit with music, poetry, comics and fun. Art binds all even with the distances.

Unmute 2.0

"My energy was low and then, I watched your show! Thank you, for this feast!"

The Six Pm Show Open mic

The second open mic to our list where again people came along and celebrated the art. A frolic evening, where stories spun the audience, music mesmerized the listeners, rhymes filled the air and laughter filled the room as our Guest comics Kuldeep Rathore and Gurumurthy gave the audience their best sets and made them roll. And all this happened right when the clock struck SIX PM.


"Had loads of fun at the jam session, music vibes were onn!!!"

Open Mic

With the ideology of providing a platform to all art forms, we at The Six Pm Show started our journey with an Open Mic event where artists with their interests in singing, poetry, standup and storytelling came together and celebrated the various arts. An evening filled with fun, music and drama, all of us gathered ‘Where Art Meets Stage!’ as slowly the winds waved at SIX PM.

Unmute 2.0

"One of the most fun and organized open mic. I attended in a while! Great times!"